Sunday, 14 March 2010

Delhomme signs 2 year deal...

Jake Delhomme decided to pounce on the Browns offer, which effectively ends Brady Quinn's career in Cleveland. Of course nothing is certain, Quinn is still a Browns player and is technically still in contention to start come next season. But things don't look good with the signing of Delhomme, who I'm sure has been promised the starting role for the 2010 season.
There is a lot of negativity concerning the signing of Delhomme, which is not unexpected considering his miserable performances last year. The problem I have is that he looked very much like the bad side of Derek Anderson (the interception machine he has become). Delhomme is 35 years old and in obvious decline, which doesn't bode well for Browns fans. I just hope he can get back some of his old magic that made him a success in Carolina, and revive his career.

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