Saturday, 10 July 2010

Nothing More To Be Said

So, by now you obviously know that Lebron James has decided to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at the Miami Heat. This has been covered by every media outlet in the Western world, so I'm not going to say much about it, as there really is not a lot more to say. Cavs fans across Ohio and the rest of the world are still mourning the departure of our dear "King James", but unfortunately Lebron's decision to leave for the sunny beaches in Miami has caused a great deal of anger amongst fans. He was once our leader, but has now become "The Deserter".

Dan Gilbert's merciless letter has already shown that Lebron's decision to leave is more than just bad business for Cleveland, its downright personal. I thought Gilbert came across as petulant and foolish, but you can understand his motivation behind the attack. I understand that Lebron wouldn't return any of Gilbert's attempts to contact him since the end of the Playoffs, so of course the Cavs owner was going to be pissed off. Its definitely going to be interesting when the Heat travel to Quicken Loans Arena for the first time next season. I can't imagine what the reception will be like for Lebron, but I hope its a positive one (I doubt it will be...).

It will be a sad event if Lebron's legacy as a Cavalier is tarnished because of his departure to Miami. He did a lot for Cleveland in his 7 years of service, and fans should remember the good times, the dazzling displays he put on at the Q night after night. The last few years have been particularly special, both of which earned Lebron back-to-back MVP awards. However I feel this latest blow to the Cavs faithful may be too much to take graciously, and the backlash against Lebron will be substantial. I personally wish him all the luck at Miami, and honestly hope he gets the ring his talent deserves. The Heat will certainly be the team to watch from now on, a backcourt of Wade and Lebron will be amazing, and Bosh is the perfect compliment to them. As a Cavs fan the best way to approach the future now is with a sense of optimism. I for one am rather excited about what the future holds in store for the Cavaliers. Yes, there will be the inevitable struggle and losses will occur on a more regular basis. I don't expect us to make the Playoffs every season from now on either, in fact I'm fully prepared for the event that we won't make it into the post-season for a while. As a British fan of the Cavs, it will be nice to meet fans of the team from now on, rather than just fans of Lebron, which always seemed to be the case. But it will be good to see a new team grow and play together, without Lebron running the show for the first time. Byron Scott is set to usher in a new era of basketball in the Forest City, and with a bit of time and the right additions, the Cavs will be back to where they belong as contenders in the East.

A fresh start is in order, and that's just what we've got. Look forward to the future Cavs fan, but don't let recent events ruin all that was good in the past.

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