Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Look For New Era In Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled their new uniforms for the 2010-11 season yesterday, and damn are they a bit nice. I had a strong feeling that if Lebron were to leave the Cavs this year, then a makeover of the team's appearance would take place in an effort to put the past behind us. Well Lebron went to South Beach and now the changes are here, and I approve.

The new uni's were released to a collection of Twitter followers Tuesday evening, a "Tweet-up" as its being called. You can already purchase the new gear on the Cavs online store, and if I had the cash I would be extremely tempted to do just that. The new uniforms have unique details, the Cavaliers DNA statement: "All For One. One For All" can be seen across the inside of each jersey's collar, a nice touch. I definitely love the deep red (or "Wine") of the away jersey, and the home uniform is very smart also.

The first indications that changes were coming to the Cavs was when the team's logo had it's colours slightly altered, a bit more gold added into the mix. Next up was the floor design at the Q, a more obvious sign that change was afoot. So it was only a matter of time before the uniforms got a makeover too, and its come at exactly the right time. 2010-11's Cavs are going to look good this season, that much is assured.

Thanks for reading, all images of the new editions belong to the Cavs (obviously)

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