Saturday, 5 February 2011

Super Bowl XLV Preview

Consider me a fully-fledged Packers fan tomorrow. Perhaps the grandest sporting event in the world, the one for all the marbles, yes its Super Bowl XLV and I'll be at the Beau Nash in my local Bath to watch the big game, and it's going to be quite a messy one (4am lock-in). Last year was a lot of fun in the pub and I expect it'll be another great night. I was pretty disappointed when I saw the Jets lose to Pittsburgh two weeks ago, as the Steelers making ANOTHER Super Bowl was going to be the only thing that would put a dampener on the night. Typically, this became reality, so we are stuck watching Ben Roethlisberger and company AGAIN which is not my ideal Super Bowl at all. The only thing that can brighten my mood tomorrow night is the prospect of the Packers handing the Steelers a humiliating defeat, a big can of whoop-ass in fact. I will be crossing all fingers and toes that this comes true. Anybody but the Steelers... plus Aaron Rodgers is pretty darn good and Green Bay deserve a championship a lot more than Pittsburgh do (haven't they got enough already? Sheesh...)

Just remember Green Bay. Don't turn your back on Big Ben... GO PACKERS!!!

Enjoy the game folks.

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